Buying Presents for Your Presents?

It’s very odd to realize that I don’t seem to be able to just buy something and then use it, full stop. I’m compelled to accessorize pretty much any electronics purchase with add-ons. When I got a new phone a while ago, I of course had to get a case for it, a docking cradle, a car charger, and a spare battery.

Last week, I got a Google Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB. But it didn’t stop there. I had to get a case for it, and a stand, and a little gizmo that lets me connect a USB stick for extra storage. The first stand I got for it didn’t work right, wouldn’t hold the tablet at an angle and kept flopping down flat in a most annoying fashion, so I ordered a different one that works correctly.

Do you buy presents for your presents, little Hobbitses?

One thought on “Buying Presents for Your Presents?

  1. I buy accessories for all my devices. For example, I have a new MacBook Air. I bought a plastic shell and a neoprene cosy, all to give me the illusion that it won’t break when I carry it in my backpack. I bought converter nipples to let the new machine suck power from the older power adapters.

    Owning a device is a lot like trying to develop a friendship with someone who just doesn’t care. I buy my devices gifts and take them on vacation with me. I drive them to the doctor when they are sick and pay for the surgery (although sometimes, there’s nothing that can be done except bury it in the backyard and pray its soul in Silicon Heaven)).

    What do I get in return? Sure, it will do favors for me, but only when I ask. It will initiate an interaction, but only when it wants something. I love it, but it doesn’t love me back. It lives about as long as a ferret.

    Is this dysfunctional or what?

    Speaking of Hobbitses, what accessories would you want for your Middle Earth devices? Off the top of my head:

    – An undergarment to cushion / redistribute impacts to my magic chain mail. Be sure to order this from the Elves. Those cheap Chinese knockoffs on eBay don’t work nearly as well.

    – One of those dongles that lets me locate my cursed ring using my iPhone.

    – A finger lock (patent pending) that goes on after the ring to prevent it from popping off in the first place.

    – Gloves with one finger missing to allow easy ring access in the winter.

    – One of those key reels to zip the ring back to my waist when I remove it.

    – An electric ring polisher.

    – Or, since the ring is mostly indestructible, a rock tumbler/polisher. Just toss the ring into the barrel and start the timer.

    – An ergonomic grip for my elven sword to avoid Orcish Tunnel Syndrome.

    – A nice neoprene cosy for my sword when I am not using it. It has a window to alert me to passing Orcs.

    – A polished Ent-wood desk stand for the sword.

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