The 13 Least Scariest Haunted House Themes!



Are you brave enough to sign a waiver absolving us of all responsibility, just in case your fear should conquer your reason and cause you to drop dead when you visit these intense sloughs of despond!?

1. The Haunted U-Shaped Red Pleather Restaurant Booth!

2. The Haunted Pickup Truck Bed Liner!

3. The Haunted Library Carrel!

4. The Haunted Cellphone Accessory Kiosk!

5. The Haunted Miniature Golf Course!

6. The Haunted Shipping Container!

7. The Haunted Porta Potty!

8. The Haunted Ball Pit!

9. The Haunted Prefab Aluminum Toolshed!

10. The Haunted Bouncy Castle!

11. The Haunted Carport!

12. The Haunted Chrysler Town & Country Minivan!

13. The Haunted Cubicle!

2 thoughts on “The 13 Least Scariest Haunted House Themes!

  1. I’d disagree with a couple of these. Have you ever gone to a Porta Potty at the end of the day at a large outdoor event? And that’s ignoring the possibility that someone might tip it over while you are in there.

    The ball pit. Do know what sort of diseases small kids carry and how much fluid they leak when they play? Scares the Hell out of me.

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